Nov 20

Fashion Jewelry For Teenagers

Teenagers are a fickle bunch.They keep experimenting with their look with the use of latest fashion trends and stuffs at the stage of their physical and psychological growth.Teen jewelry fashion plays a major part in the development of their identity and efforts to either blend in with the crowd or establish their own unique persona.

These teenagers are highly influenced by the fashion trends and jewelries that they see their favorite celebrity wearing in the music album and videos.The oversized, ostentatious accoutrements favored by rap musicians have spawned the hip-hop jewelry trend, and teenagers have been patronizing lower-priced but accurate replicas of celebrity bling bling.The duplicate jewelries are made up of base metals and cheaper zirconia rather than the expensive gems and diamonds used in the celebrity’s jewelry.Both the pierced and non pierced jewelry made up of inexpensive and regular metals are in huge demand by the teenagers .

When it comes to the women teen jewelry, woven friendship bracelets, rings and beaded jewelry are few of the hot trends.These jewelries so easy to make that even a teenager can make it and gift it to his or her friends.These jewelries are customized using a woven fibers and the beads with the name of the recipient written on it.Many teenagers also wear certain types of jewelry to identify them as part of a clique or group.These may take the form of uniquely designed pendants, rings or charms that have spiritual or mystical overtones.

The fashion statement of trendy jewelries is also much affected by the young celebrities.Items worn by teen stars, such as Hilary Duff’s slave bracelets, are copied by her non-celebrity counterparts.However, whimsical designs are still hugely popular among this set of young consumers.Gold- or silver-plated jewelry and jewelry that has gemstones has not lost its following among teenagers.

Some masculine teen jewelry

Nov 20

Zodiac Or Crystal Lakshmi-Ganesh Pendants Fashion Forever

Fashion knows no boundary. Memories invoke personal emotions. Special occasions like birthdays, first date, Christmas, graduation, marriage and birth of child etc hold deep memories that everyone likes to remember lifelong. The present of Crystal Lakshmi-Ganesh or Zodiac rings pendants may make these special events memorable and more pleasurable. Almost every lady in the world likes to have stone studded pendant set of latest fashion if this has some spiritual value too, nothing is like this. When we approach the branded stores, we come across wide array of precious Pendant Sets to select from. Roaming over the wide category of jewellery seems good but it makes the selection tough. Crystal LakshmiGanesh is made of gold, silver and platinum. It has been in fashion since a long period but the because of the universal importance and recognization of Lakshmi-Ganesh, the craze of this pendant set is still quite high. Zodiac rings pendant makes your class apart. Because of being of versatile appeal, it can be used on any occasion. The leading stores offer supporting accessories also. However, most ladies like to have complete stone studded pendent set. The design plays crucial role in the appearance of complete set. Stone Zodiac rings pendant sets are available to match the personal characteristics. You can choose the pendant of suitable zodiac sign. It makes you fashionable a category apart as well as it shows your religious faith. These are designed with differnt flavorslike classic, antique, glamorous, glittering and contemporary. Crystal Lakshmi-Ganesh pendants designed with large size valued stones/ diamonds are preferred over the pendant sets made of small size stones. Therefore, if you are making this selection for marriage, get it in accordance to the look of your wedding dress. Also, the time for wearing the Zodiac rings pendants plays important role in selection

Nov 19

Funky Girls Belly Shoes Mixing Comfort, Appeal And Fashion

Shoes are not just used for comfortable walking. No doubt, there was also an era, when these were considered only the footwear. But, in today’s world of ever-changing fashion, all things have got a trendy look. That’s the reason, footwear have also become the integral part of fashion accessories. Girls belly shoes also fall under the wide category of these accessories, which are currently creating craze amidst fashion-enthusiast girls and ladies.

The girls belly shoes come in the closed upper part without the laces and can be worn in the feet very comfortably. The sole of these shoes is ultra-comfy with the use of finest quality materials. The use of top quality material also ensures the durability of these shoes to a large extent. You can find them in a plethora of eye catching colors, which can team up with different women’s clothing on different occasions.

Apart from this, the beauty of these belly shoes is multiplied with the use of several artworks. Indian artisans are renowned all around the world for their exquisite artistry, which is also used in these shoes. You will indeed see these shoes enchanting pieces of art, when you will cast a glance over their designs created using beads, stones, sequin, embroidery and other work. Some of the famous motifs embellished on these shoes include stars, flowers, leaves, geometrical, stripes and so on.

The trendy and fascinating look make these belly shoes nice for multiple occasions like wedding, anniversary and so on. Moreover, you can team up them with Indian and western attires including salwar kameez, sarees, skirts, tunics, jeans tops and various other apparels. You also need to pay attention, that these shoes also match with the color and designs of jewellery, stole, scarf or other fashion accessories.

These ladies

Nov 19

Why Old School Fashion Repeating Itself

WHY OLD SCHOOL FASHION REPEATING ITSELF Old school fashion was designed to show off the beauty of human body. Also, the designs were sex induced oriented and fierce in nature. The youth of today find all these trademarks of the past interesting, challenging, loving and being ordinary in all its sense. Old school fashion constitutes fashion styles, clothing’s, creativity and trends of fashion designers dated back to 970s-1980’s. This is not only determined by clothes, it is also evidence in accessories, hairstyles and even in the attitude of today’s youth. Old school fashion is being brought back by fashion conscious young adult and teenagers of today. It is the repeated of popular fashion styles from the past which has succeeded in winning the heart of today’s teenagers, young, adult as well as fashion seekers and fashion designers. The combination of today’s technology with old school fashion makes it looks like a new areas of research if not nbew discoveries in the fashion industry since technology has made the production of comfortable fabrics possible, old school designs are better enhance to be pretty showy and casual this days. This trend follows an old saying that -the past is not dead the past is in the present-. Old school is not synonymous with fashion alone, a lot of activities associated with the 1970’s -1980’s also follow this trends, whether in the music industry, televison shows, movies industry, which have suddenly gain their heart or mind of today’s generations. The role the media played in the surgical operation of old school fashion revival need to be mention. The society where we find ourselves today love the shift of attention and as such the media offers such opportunities to old fashions. This afford the people or generations of today to reconnect with a past

Nov 19

Reliance Trends Ups The Fashion Quotient At Lfw

Reliance Trends, Apparels and Accessory arm of Reliance Retail have collaborated with the style-setter designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013 as showcase partners for ramp show on 26th March. Reliance Retail is the multi-format retail concept by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL).

Reliance Trends will have Bipasha Basu acclaimed Bollywood heroine and a fitness expert, donning designer garments as the showstopper jazzing up the ramp show in her own style. On this collaboration Akhilesh Prasad, COO, Reliance Trends said, Reliance Trends is excited to partner with Shantanu & Nikhil at Lakme Fashion Week for 2013. Reliance Trends is committed to the fashion industry and it platforms such events that speak about Trends Philosophy of setting new fashion and culture. Applauding the designer duo, Prasad also added that, Shantanu & Nikhil collection offers fashion enthusiasts an exciting, new opportunity to experience upcoming fashion trends through the eyes of the style-setters and industry tastemakers at Lakme Fashion Week.

Lakme Fashion Week is the countrys premier fashion event, where it serves as a platform to promote creativity in fashion and the fashion business. This year LFW will be held from 22nd March to 26th March at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai. Reliance Trends, the largest fashion destination in the country hosting more than 100 national and International brands of apparels and accessories under one roof, serves as an equivalent to the fashion week, sufficing the need of high-fashion apparel across the country.

Known and acclaimed faces from the fashion industry will grace the event. The ramp show where Reliance Digital is the showcase partner is based on the theme of a nomadic traveler. This collection of Shantanu & Nikhil is influenced by pastel and earthly with highlights of accent colors. The show is about a traveler who

Nov 19

Amazing Facts About Fashion Rings

The wearing of rings dates back to about 6,000 years ago and it was used mainly to signify slavery and power or status in a society or serve as lucky charms to dispel evil and witchcraft. Rings were made of stone, glass, bones, plastics, gemstones and metals.

As time passes, the ring becomes much more than a figure of power and status in a culture. It has become synonymous to engagements and weddings and has also become a fashion symbol. The establishment and creation of fashion rings has become popular and mainstream largely because of people’s need to adorn themselves with jewelries and look appealing to the society.

Most men do not typically wear rings aside from their wedding rings, college rings or status rings (for doctors, engineers, scholars, freemasons) while women are well-known to wear various types of fashion rings for each day and numerous occasions.

Today, there is a wide variety of fashion rings for women. It ranges from the traditional birthstone rings, cocktail rings, friendship rings, promise rings, rainbow rings for gay pride, thumb rings, mood rings, watch rings, multi-finger rings, arm rings to even toe rings. All these rings can be bought for a cheap price however some upper-class women would prefer buying from world-renowned brands.

The high-end costume jewelry rings are usually made of gold or platinum decorated with precious gemstones such as diamond, sapphire and ruby. Two of the famous brands that exist today in the world of jewelries are Bvlgari and Cartier.

Italian brand, Bvlgari, shows off its ring collection that includes 18K yellow, pink and white gold and combined with different cuts and carats of diamond, sapphire, mother of pearl, gem, onyx, green and blue marbles, topaz, amethyst, peridot, antique coin, pink quartz and other colored gems.

France-based Cartier

Nov 18

Fashion Magazines- bring latest fashion news for trendy people

The word fashion means latest trend in clothing, footwear, accessories and much more. People who love to stay fashionable follow modern styles. Fashion magazines keep trend followers up-to-date about newest developments in fashion world. An online store created for these publications has a large collection of famous trend journals from many countries. These countries are Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, India, China, Korea, Australia, Germany, Russia and Unites States of America. These magazines are based on themes such as apparel, accessories, embroidery, fashion, bridal, lifestyle, pattern, print, textiles and forecast. These magazines are published for women, men and kids as well.

Russian magazines like GQ Magazine or Gentlemen’s Quarterly is based on men’s fashion and lifestyle. It emphasizes on Russian men’s style, status and classiness. It is written in the native language. This quarterly provides details about newest trends which include menswear, sportswear, shoes & sneakers, outerwear and accessories like watches etc. The content delivers information about new gadgets in the market, movies, health tips, current news of music industry, celebrity news and much more. Topics like -The Style Guy- and -Dr. Sooth- cover subjects like how to wear a straw hat (a kind of hat) properly and many more similar things.

People who are fond of trend related periodicals surely know about Vogue fashion magazine. People love to read this brand which is highly popular among style-lovers. This journal is published for 19 countries some of them are, USA, United Kingdom, France, Italy and China. Now Vogue fans can get the popular editions online. The online set up offers a number of features namely, type, country, price. Buyers can type in the quantity and choose from single issues and annual subscriptions. Customers can find all of the relevant data on this online store. Visuals of magazines related to men’s,

Nov 17

Sherwani – A Symbol Of Rich Traditional Fashion

Sherwani is a symbol of rich traditional fashion with royal elegance and style. Considered a regal outfit sherwanis have always been dream attire for its admirers.

Traditionally, sherwani is a long, knee length, coat-like tunic similar to Achkan or doublet with tight-fitting collar fastened with hooks. Sherwani usually has close-fitting in the upper body and a bit flaring in its lower half. Sherwani coat is fastened in front with the help of buttons, often removable and ornamented ones.

Sherwani is generally made of heavier suiting fabrics, silk or wool with lining. It is worn over the kurta accompanied with churidar, pajama or dhoti.

The royal look of sherwani is enhanced with fine embroidery work of various embellishments like beads, sequins, stones, zari, resham, swarowski crystals work etc. on it. None other outfit can represent the manly charm with such an excellent blend of trends and tradition both when accessorized with matching stole, juti etc.

Sherwani is one of the most preferred outfits for men when it comes to show rich tradition with stylish appearance. It suits any semi-formal event and festive occasion like engagement, sangeet, wedding etc.

With changing fashion, there is a wide range of sherwani fabrics, designs and colors representing the fusion of modernity and ethnicity. There are various styles available in the market suiting to ones budget, choice and the need of the occasion.

Most common and heard names or types of sherwanis are as under
Wedding sherwani – Apart from groom sherwani, various styles and designs are available that suititing the needs of best men, family member or friends who are looking for stunning outfit for wedding.

Groom sherwani – The colors, fabrics, designs etc. of groom sherwani are selected very carefully suiting the dignity of the occasion. Most popular colors are red,

Nov 16

Choosing The Right Fashion Networking Sites For Shopping

When you want to shop you will certainly want to buy things that are fashionable. Choosing the right fashion networking sites will also be very important.

The time you want to buy trendy clothes and other accessories you will have to look for the right fashion networking sites. These are the places where you cannot just look for the best stuff but then can also buy them when you want. You might at times feel that you would want to buy stuff which is used or then if it is a little less priced. There are too many options that can be taken into consideration for this. But then the best to opt for these days are the fashion networking sites. The best parts of these are that you can get a lot to look for and that too at cheaper rates.

If you feel that as there are too many accessories and other clothes offered it might just not be worth the money you pay. But then this is absolutely not true. The best part of these fashion networking sites is that you will get clothes which are of the latest trend and fashion too. Apart from just the purchases and other shopping you can also share a lot of your fashion tips there. If you feel that you have too much of a fashion sense then you can also share all your knowledge here just for free.

But whenever you start with your purchases or then sharing your knowledge always check that you have to opt for the best networking sites. Only when they have higher visitors you will be assured of the right products and a good exposure for yourself. If you do not know where to look out for such networking sites then you can take

Nov 15

Fashionable Black Friday winter coats purchase from Dressvenus

Roving in the time of winter with your loved ones is forever a memorable, fun experience. They will get to ski above a long snow track, construct cute, real snowmen as well as throw snowballs at each other. On the other hand, in sort to take pleasure in the most out of your winter tour, women need to wear the woman’s black Friday winter coats from Dressvenus for necessary safety next to the frightening temperature. In any case, what is the utilization of planning these enjoyable activities in the time of winter in case they get sick as of the chilly weather condition? So the role of woman’s winter coat is very important; it completely protects your vulnerable body next to the cold temperature, thus that they still feel tepid inside and take pleasure in the winter activities.

There are many kinds of black Friday winter coats for women available with an excess of brands to select from. One would surely be puzzled to select which type of coat to buy. First, they have to look at the material and thickness of the particular coat. For utmost protection, you can select black Friday winter coats that are prepared from good quality of material. On the other hand, you have to have an inside layer before using the woolen made coat, as wool tends to source your body to be tickly. Over the long time period, it can be painful to wear wool coat of women. Still, the preferred type is woolen made coat, as your body would feel warm no issue what type of winter you are feeling. You normally wear three different types of layers of clothes, with the woolen made coat the farthest layer, and that would make you warm and comfortable wherever you move in the

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