May 22

Teenage Boys Wear — Tips to Look Fashionable

Hanging out without bothering about whats in and whats not may seem to be the fashion belief of teenagers. But with modernization and new fashion trends hailing in, the craving to look trendy and up to date is what has become a dream for teenage boys. But in attempt of looking fashionable and modern chics often they commit various fashion slips-ups.

Here in this article you will get to explore various decent trends of boys wear that makes you look stylish and contemporary without commending big fashion blunders. Check out:

1) The first and the foremost thing to consider about looking fashionable is to put your hands on clothes that are not only stylish but also fits you comfortably. If you are not comfortable, there are chances that you look dubious for the clothes you are wearing. This will unnecessarily bring you a lot of negative attention.

2) Dont go closely with whats in. Follow a different style standard and pattern of wearing that may not be something completely taken from the moving trends but should go in sync with latest fashion wears making a distinct stand.

3) Dont buy a bulk of teenage wear from a single fashion trend. This may cause a waste of money in case the trend last for short time period.

4) Look for the occasion you are going to attend. They could be, formal, informal or casual girls or boys wear, all you have to do is to select the apt category of clothing suiting to the environment, occasion and weather in synch with latest fashion trends.

5) Choose an apt color combination. As a variety of shades available, shopping for teenage wear is sometimes overwhelming. But make sure the color you wear should not be placed at odds. They should compliment each other and should make you

May 22

Japan Street Fashion Enhance Your Dressing Style

Apart from technical advancement, fashion in Japan is considered as an outlandish and stimulating experience. Japan street fashion has come a long way from being just about Kimonos and other traditional clothing since Japanese youth have created a unique blend of fashion by adopting a mixture of current and traditional trends with overseas and local labels. You will get an assortment of trends and styles in Japan street fashion because youths in this country are more intricate in their dressing patterns as well as make-up. Today there are a number of things that put the street fashion on rock are as:

Hand-made garments
Bright colours
Eccentric patterns
Heavy jewelry
Mixing and matching jeans
Tank tops with traditional wear like kimonos

These things are their way of making statements about their cultural influences as well as a way of life. In fact, yet the styles have changed over the years; Japan street fashion is still outstanding. However, there are a number of vibrant styles displayed by the youths of Japan on the street fashion. These prominent styles are:

The Ganguro: This dressing style similar to youths of North America is very much popular in Japan street fashion by trying to imitate tanned and fair-haired celebrities as well as models. The look consists of bleached or dyed hair, light or dark tanned bodies, summer dresses and many more.

The Lolita: This style is considered as one of the most recognized styles in Japanese street fashion that includes many different styles and themes within its boundaries. The most famous styles within Lolita fashion are Punk Lolita and Gothic Lolita recognized globally.

Costume Play: Best known as Cosplay, it is a style where dressing of characters from manga, anime, fantasy movies and videogames is encouraged. There

May 22

Where to look for Latest Fashion Trends

Looking Smart and attractive is a temptation hard to resist for anyone, of any age group. It is often said that first impression is the last impression; at least if you have gone for a job interview or a date. Looking smart, confident and attractive, adds something extra to your personality, and helps others build an opinion about you.

In the 21st century, the newspapers, fashion magazines, television, fashion website and fashion blogs have generated enough fashion awareness amongst people, especially the youth. Nowadays, everyone wants to have access to the latest fashion clothing, designer dresses, that they see celebrities, the high and mighty people wearing at parties, big movie and music launches.

Fashion by definition changes constantly and everyone these days look forward to keep themselves adapted to the latest trends, as the growing fashion industry comes up with innovative, smart and sexy fashion trends every other day. However, it is not possible for everyone to change their wardrobe every other day, with changes in the fashion trends. But the temptation of looking smart and beautiful is indeed hard to resist.

R.H. fashion is an adventure made by R.H. International LTD, info this every growing fashion industry, five years ago. Our brand name is Sonnemond. Our fashion designers create high quality designer wear and fashion accessories, according to latest fashion tends.

One Indian fashion designer once said that fashion is for rich people. R.H. fashion aims at marketing designer clothing accessible to everyone. But that does not mean we are degrading the standards of the clothing or design by any means.

R.H. fashion organized a fashion show at New Delhis Ashoka Hotel on 18 06 2007,where we presented variety of dresses based on the theme of Ink and Tattoo. All the dresses were designed by designer Sunny Arora, who was also

May 20

Tips For The Budding Indian Fashion Models

Youre a budding model, and want to make it big in the world of fashion and cinema.
Youve done quite a number of assignments, but still not happy with the progress youve made so far. You still not close to that big break. Well, well tell you how to bring your dreams to the threshold of reality.

First and foremost, spruce-up your portfolio.
You think youve got an awesome portfolio; show to your friends and see what they have to say about it.

Get online
Great, youre on Facebook, and continuously put up your latest photos there. Things would have been better if you had created your profile on a fashion website. There are several websites out there, which let you upload your photos and connect with industry leading designers and other fashion professionals. Google for the websites that invite Indian fashion models to upload their profiles and photos. With Google, youll be able to get to know these websites within minutes. A typical search query could be like Indian fashion models websites or fashion photographers directory online.

Avoid short-cuts at all costs
Almost every industry has some good people and some bad people. The bad people often come with this I-will-make-you-a-great-model offer. You better avoid these people.
Remember, there are no short-cuts in any industry; and if they are there, they will only ruin your career. There is no alternative to hard work and persistence. All big Indian female models worked day in and day out to reach where they are today.

Avoid giving your contact details to one and everyone
Dont show to the world that youre desperate for a role or an assignment. There are people that will be quick to take advantage of your frustration. And

May 20

Tennis Apparel For Women – Comfort And Fashion

If you look into the styles of tennis apparel for women down over the years beginning with the early years of the last century, you will observe a shortening of skirts. You won’t notice lots of guys complaining, but that is way down on the list of concerns for women. Most women understand this transformation needed to come about to make sure they are more comfortable on the court.

Comfortable, and yes, trendy tennis clothing has become easy to find. And manufacturers will never run out of ideas. All they need to do is examine what is currently being worn by the professionals. Therefore it is apparent that the way the clothing looks is still important, though not quite as important as the fit, quality and comfort. We realize this simply because you’ll find media people writing not only about their game, but about their fashion also. But do not jump on the press for being so superficial. The only reason those trend articles get composed is because people want to read them.

Remember the early years of the last century. The sport of tennis was played on lawns and the ladies in England all dressed in formal clothing to play. Women participants wore full length clothing. These days however the sport has become quite professional and tennis has attained industry status with gigantic amounts being used on commercials regularly. In the past it was all about loose fitting cotton fabrics for those needing comfort. Now synthetic fabrics in many colors are popular for women all over the world.

Compared to some other popular sports, tennis isn’t a sport where the outfits can be unisex. Men and women have to wear different clothes and the sports garment fashion industry is pulling no stops to compete with one another to

May 19

Fashion History – How Historical Events Influenced Fashion in the 1930’s and 1940’s

History and world events often create fashion trends. We can not always see it in the lives that we are leading now, in the present; but it is sometimes easier when we look into the past.

The 1930’s was a time of frugality known as the Great Depression, a world wide economic downturn that put people out of work and effected every part of their lives. In the United States, nearly one quarter of the population was unemployed. Bank failures caused people to lose their life savings.The new austerity must have been a heavy blow for the people who had just lived through the Roaring Twenties, a time of heady spending and extravagance.

Women’s fashions made a big change when the economy went south. The exotic frippery of the Jazz Age soon disappeared to be replaced by more simple styles of dress. Waistlines rose and hems fell, as they often do in bad economic times. While a sleek elegance gained popularity, it was a much more subdued look, classic and understated after the exaggerated styles of the 1920’s.

Hollywood offered women a glimpse of glamor, but even the luxurious Hollywood styles had a quieter tone. Gone were the short skirts, long necklaces, and feathers of the 20’s. Evening gowns of the Great Depression hugged the hips and widened at the hem, creating an elegant and graceful silhouette.

By the end of the 1930’s, Adolph Hitler had risen to power in Germany. This worldwide threat, along with the ensuing war had an effect on fashion trends of the 1940’s. As nations were invaded, or went off to war, supplies and materials that went into the creation of clothing fell short. When Germany invaded France, Paris lost its influence over the world of fashion. People in the Allied countries saw the fashion designers of Paris as

May 19

European Fashion Trends – Boosting Up The Fashion Market

Everyone wants to look attractive and different. Some people follow fashion trends, some do not. Some people have their own style, some imitate the celebrities. Every country has their own fashion trends. There are many countries which are trend setter for other countries. Country like Europe, European fashion trends have set the fashion market on fire. It has boot up the fashion market.
Some people are that crazy about fashion trends, they wait for latest fashion shows to purchase new attires for their selves. Here in this article we are going to tell you some latest European fashion trends.

Would You Wear a Fedora?
Most of the celebrities like Jane Fonda, Ozzy Osbourne and Sarah Jessica Parker have been spotted in fedoras this year. The fedora pops up in cheap straw versions, luxe felt and everything in between.

Time to go for flats..

Some women may derision flats, believimg them one of fashions ultimate gaffe.But there are times when there is simply no option but to wear flats, women from some of the top glossies looking perfectly at ease in flats

Fashionable Rain attires
Whether you need to battle the sticky monsoon storms of summer, or the mushy calamity of the winter-time, proper rain gear is an essential, year-round. While we all wish it was practical to teeter around in 5-inch heels and silk coats all the time some days call for alternatives – like the gorgeous textured Jimmy Choo Hunter Welly Boots.

Fashion Trend: Long skirts
Theres something very vintage about a floor length skirt that really makes an impact. Although not so city friendly due to the risk of the hem dragging on the ground, the long skirt is making a comeback on Fall 2010 runways. Perfect for an elegant night out, or pretty

May 18

Opera Gloves History And Fashion

Whether you’re a fan of opera or not, the genre itself is often credited with bringing a sense of style and elegance to musical performance. Nowhere is this more evident than the use of opera gloves, a revered fashion accessory for women dating back over 300 years.
If you’ve ever watched an Audrey Hepburn movie, you understand the allure of opera gloves. They provide a demure sense of sophistication and class, a perfect finishing touch for elegant evening wear.
The Particulars
As we know them today, opera gloves are typically about 20 inches in length, designed to reach just below the elbow. Popular since the time of Napoleon, they are most commonly seen at opera or symphony performances. Typically made of special goat skin leather, they are exceptionally soft to the touch.
Just as with most fashion accessories, these gloves have evolved through the years. Some styles reach well above the elbow, while others are slightly shorter than elbow length. Usually white in color, they are often decorated with jeweled fasteners and gold trim. Almost always, they are adorned with decorative stitching across the back of the hand.
Availability and Uses
Opera gloves are available from boutique specialty stores in a wide array of styles and prices. Typically, the average pair runs in excess of $100 or more.
Every few years, these fashionable gloves make a rousing comeback, usually triggered by a memorable performance of one sort or another. In the 1950’s, several glamorous actresses stirred women’s interest in buying a pair, most notably Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. They are also used in retro performance pieces like the stage show and movie “Chicago”, or at costume parties depicting an earlier era.
Most often though, opera gloves are seen, and used,

May 16

Affordable Price To Get Asia Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Asia proposes wholesale fashion jewelry is becoming a big business increasingly likely to want the latest fashions from Asia, but found a place to get these accessories may be difficult or very expensive now .. You can find fashion jewelry all the young women you want and at very affordable prices.

One of the hardest things to buy fashion jewelry wholesale in Asia is to find fashion jewelry at a price cheap enough for resale and still make a profit. Online store is an excellent place to begin your search. 0US With only a minimum order, you can buy a ton of jewelry fashion Young ladies, do not break the bank when you do it! Asia foul is the specialty here, and most parts are under. Shipping affordable enough, then you do not have to worry about declining profits.

In the case of jewelry available, you can find all sorts here. This includes parties, sweet and cute, sexy, romantic, unusual, and very elegant. A comprehensive accessories are also available. Over 90 % of young womens jewelry designer jewelry fashion latest custom actions and is updated frequently. The same is true of accessories too. wholesale jewelry in Asia has never been easier to find
Read other articles that provide the most fashionable jewelry and women international magazine style jewelry and dress How to choose the best fashion jewelry Cute Japan Korea for me How to find fashion jewelry online store for wholesale Womens jewelry online store low prices
Most jewelry styles are available in one size only, as are chic and trendy jewelry. It is intended to comply with the junior women small. some Asian Asian wholesale jewelry available in sizes small, medium and large businesses, as well. Since the trend today is to stretch and fashion in an

May 15

The Fantastic Accessory Wholesale Fashion Necklace

A piece of common clothes with a fashion necklace, make you taste upgrade right now. This is the magic of the fashion necklace jewelry. Do you want to the secret, let’s go!Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Really, truly? Most people say they do, but they still go to the same stores and buy the same clothes and accessories that their friends do. But with a little time and effort, you can stand out from the crowd. And even more, you could probably make a little extra money with it! So what am I suggesting?Build your own fashion style is an interesting thing.

The left picture shows a succinct feeling. Althought wearring the long fashion metal necklace, we just feel that there is lack of something on the chest and something still monotonous. To the contrary, the right picture wears the same metal necklace in multi-string design. It’s perfect and stunning. The common vest is aslo showcasing more fashionable.
The bib necklace jewelry is a great way to dress up a casual outfit or make an already dressy outfit even more fabulous. Own a chic fashion bib necklace, change your fashion style.
Bib necklaces have been around for many seasons now, now many of the fashion stars are eye catching necklaces. Could you remember the amazing Fred Leighton bib necklace that the famous star Amy Adam wore at the 2009 Academy Awards! It’s fantastic! I’m sure nobody can forget that charming bib necklace lightup her beauty dress.A new jewelry trend that is here to stay is the bib necklace, a gorgeous cluster of jewels, fabric, beading and other pretty things near the neck and cascading down the decollete. The more expensive materials the higher price that bib necklace will cost. Purchasing the bib

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