Aug 22

Big Nerdy Glasses Are in the Fashion

Are big nerdy glasses in the fashion? Absolutely yes. A lot of guys have been wearing big nerdy glasses in these days, especially over-weight people. Normally, over-weight people are seen with more humors. With big nerdy glasses, over-weight guys seem to be more charmful. Some girls talk about marry down to someone who is fat. But fat guys actually take that as a compliment. Being fat means bigger love and treasure for pretty girls, unlike skinny guys. And wearing big nerd glasses don’t mean dull. It is a new kind of fashion that we embrace as quickly as possible. We are living in a fashion world. And we are very proud of our choices for a fashion look. >

Big nerdy glasses are about styles. Imagine you drive several girls home and talk about anything in the car. While you keep big nerdy glasses on, people listen to you as well as pay attention to your fashion taste. It is a fashion that we cannot miss out. Even when we are called nerdy by others. We can also enjoy it because we are scholars. Big nerdy glasses go away with fancy cars, elegant meals, pretty girls and rap music. Everything goes along with big nerdy glasses. It is sure rock time for big nerdy glasses.

Looking at big stars, how many celebrities have you seen for wearing big nerdy glasses? Quite a lot. Now glasses represent much more than just a good look. It is something we call fashion, taste and characters. Different glasses represent various kinds of characters and pursuits. Big nerdy glasses are those which sell you off for being positive, free and energetic about your life. Also remember, there is a very unique sense of aura lying in those thick and black frames. A kind of thickness,

Aug 22

Fallwinter Fashion Trend Layering Designer Indian Clothes

Layering is versatile, inventive and lots of fun. Layering is also a major fashion trend this time of the year. While layering is quite prevalent with Western outfits, it is not that noticeable in Indian fashion. The good news is that its definitely picking up and a lot of Designer Indian Clothes are styled with layering in it. This adds a chic style into an Indian ensemble and saves it from being too conventional.
Relatively a new trend in Indian fashion, it is amazing how layering works well with Indian clothes as well. Designer Indian Kurtis made of sheer fabrics such as net, chiffon, etc look absolutely fabulous when layered with a matching sleeveless camisole underneath. Alternatively, a low cut embroidered Indian Kurti looks striking when paired with a matching or contrast colored camisole or tube top. Layering makes the Indian Kurti much more fun than it already is and imparts a boho chic look thats immensely stylish. Such layered Kurtis look great with a pair of trousers and the shorter Kurtis go well with full length gypsy skirts too. While Indian Designer Kurtis can be layered effortlessly, the other kinds of Indian outfits that can adopt the trend of layering well are Salwar Kameez and Churidar Kameez. Rather than a brand new trend, it could be called a revival of an old retro trend since it was a frequent style spotted with respect to Salwar Kameez and Churidar Suits. Sleeveless Kameez layered with short cropped embroidered jackets featuring full sleeves look gorgeous and keeps warm during the colder months. Similarly this Salwar Kameez layering trend includes the use of short sleeveless bolero style jackets over short sleeved Kameez during Spring/Summer. For a more dramatic effect, a long sheer jacket or embroidered jacket can be paired with

Aug 22

Butt And Hip Pads To Achieve A Plus Size Fashion Look!

Beyonce may be all things trendy and normally looks absolutely gorgeous, however has she made a big mistake wearing a dress which makes accentuates her hips and bottom quite so much?

One of the latest fashions trends may be have hip and butt pads but surely the whole point to make them larger so that you can really swing when you walk not appear as if something nasty is going on under your dress!

What is also strange is that TV fashion gurus are advising women to buy underwear which has been designed to pull tummies in, smooth thighs and lift bottoms! A real contradiction in styles!

Fashion trends are often bizarre at the best of times and while most women with large hips do everything they possibly can to hide and disguise them, they will be pleased, one assumes, that slimmer women are trying to copy the sassy walk large hipped women achieve so very naturally!

Fashion history has over the years seen some strange happenings under ladies clothes, dating right back to when no women of substance would ever dream of wearing a dress or skirt without a large hoop inside to make them appear very slim waisted.

The bustle was another style trend which in some ways you could say the latest butt pads are trying to emulate. Rather then having pads on their backside to make them appear neater and yet more emphasised the bustles were adorned with large bows and ribbons while the rest of the dress was figure hugging tight, with waists lines being pulled in with whale bone corsets.

Throughout history fashion trends have tried to push and pull women’s figure into what were and continue to be, the ideal body shapes. From 18 inch waists in the 50’s, the bustier which

Aug 22

Boohoo Fashion – Uk Store Review

If you are a trendy chic living in the UK you probably know of boohoo – it is an online women’s clothing site which is run and operated by Wasabi Frog Limited. From January-June of 2010 boohoo ranked #10 in the Hitwise UK Shopping and Classifieds-Apparel and Accessories category.

Boohoo UK accepts orders from people living in the UK, the European Economic Area or the “EEA” also ‘the serviced countries’ and the USA. Although there are some restrictions when it comes to accepting orders to specific countries, if you would like to ensure that your country is included you can simply check the restrictions on Boohoo’s delivery page.

Boohoo has a line of clothes for 9-14 year old girls, the label is known as Boohoo sister this does not include footwear and accessories; although you should have enough choices to give your young sisters or nieces.

Boohoo offers great discounts and offers such as 30% off on all party wear and Clearance sales.

Boohoo UK is the recipient of the Experien Hitwise top 10 most popular websites in the UK. Twice a year, Hitwise awards the 10 most popular websites in the UK from more than 160 different categories.

Accepted payments for Boohoo transactions include paying via credit or debit card. Boohoo accepts Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Solo, Maestro and Electron. Boohoo also accepts payments made through PayPal.

It is very easy to use Boohoo’s website to shop, it would be one of the easiest e-shopping experiences you could ever have. The search for clothes can be easily refined by size, price and color; this will help you save your precious time as you go straight to the dresses that you want.

A true haven for the chic fashionista boohoo has the latest fashion for women and girls. The choices

Aug 21

Bloomingdales & Sony Join Forces For Fashion

Bringing fashion and music together, luxury retailer Bloomingdales has launched its biggest multimedia campaign yet.

Beginning in August and running through the Holiday Season, Bloomingdales has partnered with The Sony Music Label Group to rock and roll consumers out of their fashion ruts. Showcasing more than 70 live performances from Sony artists in Bloomingdales stores and catalogues, the fashion music connection will be seen and heard loud and clear.

Designers including American legends Marc Jacobs, Donna Karen and Ralph Lauren will take center stage in the ready to wear category, featuring rock and roll inspired frocks for women, such as Rocker tees, trophy jackets, skinny pants, leather and siren dresses. Men can look forward to sporting the three piece suit, plaid shirts and vintage wash denim from Ralph Lauren, Z Zegna and Lacoste as well as others.

The clothes will be worn by Sony artists in all of Bloomingdales upcoming campaigns, which will be shot in famous musical venues across the nation featuring authentic props from Steinway Pianos and Gibson Guitars. The bicoastal department store, which opened in 1827, has a mind boggling amount of talent from both the fashion and musical worlds on board to participate in their ambitious campaign

The August campaign has four distinct styles in mind with complementary music for each. Todays punk girl enjoys Patti Smith, Sonic Youth and The Sounds, while the pop princess sings along to The Ting Tings, Lily Allen and Cyndi Lauper and the diva can luxuriate to the stylings of Sade, Kelly Rowland and Mariah Carey. The Indie girl can enjoy the unique style of Adele, Beach House and The Jealous Girlfriends.

The music and fashion extravaganza continues with back to school style and appearances by teen favorites including The Naked Brothers Band and iCarlys

Aug 20

Mexican Handcrafted Jewelry Valuable Fashion Accessory

The trend of wearing fashionable accessories is gaining immense popularity. Shopping malls and numerous jewelry outlets are flooded with extrinsic designer ornaments. Wearing designer jewelleries complementing your outfit can make the appearance absolutely striking. It can add an artistic and exclusive look to the while appearance. Apart from readymade jewelleries, there is a sudden outburst of the handcrafted jewelry in market. Definitely such exclusive handcrafted ornaments enhance the overall beauty. Handmade jewelleries can be differentiated according to unique patterns, colors and design.

Mexico is well known for creating the finest quality of distinctive jewelry. The country has some of the largest silver mines which produce a significant percentage of silver. Mexico is having several silver craftsmen. The Mexican jewelry uses natural materials such as turquoise, amber, coral, jade and silver. These silver jewelleries are made up of silver in its pure form. This is exactly why such exclusive pieces of silver jewelry shines so much and attracts people.

The handmade jewelry forms special ornamental accessory that blends perfectly with both traditional and westernized outfits. The distinctive embellishments and materials utilized in crafting handmade ornaments delivers the most stunning look that you always have wished to have. If you are wearing exclusive handmade jewelry, then it is quite evident that you will become noticeable by onlookers. With their assorted collection of jewelry design, you can conveniently make selections depending upon your personalized tastes and interests.

In olden days, handcrafted jewelleries were made up of specific materials such as glass and beads. Nowadays, with changing times artisans have adapted themselves to the latest fashion styles and are developing highly innovative and exclusive jewelry. The artisan jewelry comes in several vibrant colors and is known as the leading fashion accessories in the market. Be it necklaces, bracelets, earnings or rings, these

Aug 19

Fashion Jewelry Trends – Cz Animal Rings

Exactly what is the most up-to-date stunning, funk and entirely fun phenomena in cubic zirconia rings? Animal Cocktail Jewelry. You are able to keep your pocket book happy whilst your popular animals literally on hand with massive, striking, colorful Cubic zirconia Animal Jewelry. The cost of cz will allow you to purchase a number of CZ animal rings. From lions to dolphins and monkeys you can find virtually any kind of animal available in CZ ring form! They’ve been so entertaining to be dressed in and because 1 ring normally incorporates a number of different colors, it is possible to effortlessly match your cocktail rings to many outfits.
These kind of crazy zoo fashions make a fantastic surprise for any crazy and funky pal. For a lot of select people, the conventional rings you can find inside malls will not be adequate. Regular jewelry can seem a bit uninteresting at moments mainly because it all has a tendency to appear identical after a while. That isn’t the situation with animal cocktail jewelry! These are so neat and interesting and they will shake up your jewelry box. Don’t be afraid to put on these kinds of rings out and make a over the top and entertaining declaration! You can wear them with your drabbest outfits to provide a splash of color! Think about pairing one of these rings along with a business suit! The contrast can be so unexpected and exciting. In addition, you might attempt pairing them with a jacket and a pair of jeans – or perhaps with a little dark colored outfit.
The sole guideline for using these types of rings is to make sure you don’t overdo the remainder of your jewelry. These rings produce a enormous statement all on their own. Try not to

Aug 19

Keeping up to date with fashion

With current styles constantly changing and things going in and out of style it is very important for you to have access to a resource that gives you insight into whats popular and what is unpopular with modern society. Luckily for you like most people you have access to the internet. The internet is one massive way for people to exchange information about literally anything and in this case that is fashion. People from all over the world are constantly adding content to the internet and talking about different things. There are web sites around the web that make an effort to take all this into consideration and tailor the content of their site to keep you informed on the newest fashion.

You are able to take a glance into the past and watch old trends and how they progressed because when you are on the internet you have access to tons of information that can be accessed by almost anyone. Making use of this can really let you absorb information which you can use in a variety of ways and this is great. If you properly analyze the way things happened in the past you may be able to use this information to make guesses on ways things will unfold in the future and that can be an interesting thing to think about.

Talking to other people about current fashions can also be fun. If this is something you are passionate about you may want to meet others who share this same interest so you can make new friends who have similar interests because you will most likely get along with them well. Finding people with similar interests on the internet can be easy if you make use of chat rooms. Bubble Camsand Hehe Chat are web

Aug 17

Denim Jackets Have Been On The Fashion Scene For A Long Time

The denim jacket has a long history in the fashion world. It moves in and out of style mostly. It’s particularly fashionable once again. There are naturally some style difference between what was fashionable twenty years ago and what is fashionable today, primarily it lies within the cut of the jacket where the largest difference is noticed.

The length of the denim jacket today is much shorter than the same kind of jackets from twenty years ago. Hip hugger or low waist pants have moved the length of the jacket up a little. It isn’t unusual to see a jacket made of denim cut way above the waist to show off those low waist jeans.

There is a long history involved with this type of jacket. There were initially worn in duster fashion by cowboys of the old west. They were more full length coats than jackets. They were made famous by images of the Marlboro man sitting atop his horse in the old cigarette ad campaigns.

Denim was a relatively new material within the early on eighteen hundreds, designed for the workmen. Cowboys fast realized that denim gave them the protection they needed when riding horses and rounding up cattle. The material was thick, yet comfortable, relatively water proof and here was the real selling point; cheaper than traditional leather gear.

The denim jacket was born to keep the dust and the weather off the cowboy while he was out in the open working.

As time evolved this type of jacket became popular with other folks. Within the nineteen fifties they were worn by young men everywhere trying to capture that James Dean look. By the nineteen sixties the young ladies jumped on the band wagon and started sporting them as well to create a fashion statement.

It’d not be a stretch to say just

Aug 17

Fashion Social Network Sites Choosing The Right One

You can put up for sale clothes as well as accessories on fashion social network sites.

Have you recently launched a clothing and accessories brand? Are you in search of a reasonable way through which you can sell your brand stuff? If that is the case then selecting the fashion social network sites is the most appropriate option for you. You may consider this option strange but the fact is that it is becoming more and more famous these days. The fashion social network website is certainly an affordable option as you do not have to buy or rent a store to sell your brand stuff. Apart from this there are no operating expenses as well. this will help you save a lot of money and one option that will benefit your brand a lot.

After you have taken the decision to choose this option, the most crucial thing that you should ensure is that you have selected the right fashion social site. There are some people who think that these websites are not many in number and hence choosing any would not make a difference. But the truth is that from the options available to you, you have to choose one that is the best.

The first aspect that you should be considering while selecting the fashion social networking websites is the years it has been into existence. This is vital for you because if the site has just come into existence then it is certainly not a wise choice to choose such a site to sell your brand stuff. If there are not many members then the visibility of the site would be very low and thus there are fewer chances of your work being noticed by the people.

Which rank the fashion social networking website holds matters

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