Nov 17

Sherwani – A Symbol Of Rich Traditional Fashion

Sherwani is a symbol of rich traditional fashion with royal elegance and style. Considered a regal outfit sherwanis have always been dream attire for its admirers.

Traditionally, sherwani is a long, knee length, coat-like tunic similar to Achkan or doublet with tight-fitting collar fastened with hooks. Sherwani usually has close-fitting in the upper body and a bit flaring in its lower half. Sherwani coat is fastened in front with the help of buttons, often removable and ornamented ones.

Sherwani is generally made of heavier suiting fabrics, silk or wool with lining. It is worn over the kurta accompanied with churidar, pajama or dhoti.

The royal look of sherwani is enhanced with fine embroidery work of various embellishments like beads, sequins, stones, zari, resham, swarowski crystals work etc. on it. None other outfit can represent the manly charm with such an excellent blend of trends and tradition both when accessorized with matching stole, juti etc.

Sherwani is one of the most preferred outfits for men when it comes to show rich tradition with stylish appearance. It suits any semi-formal event and festive occasion like engagement, sangeet, wedding etc.

With changing fashion, there is a wide range of sherwani fabrics, designs and colors representing the fusion of modernity and ethnicity. There are various styles available in the market suiting to ones budget, choice and the need of the occasion.

Most common and heard names or types of sherwanis are as under
Wedding sherwani – Apart from groom sherwani, various styles and designs are available that suititing the needs of best men, family member or friends who are looking for stunning outfit for wedding.

Groom sherwani – The colors, fabrics, designs etc. of groom sherwani are selected very carefully suiting the dignity of the occasion. Most popular colors are red,

Nov 16

Choosing The Right Fashion Networking Sites For Shopping

When you want to shop you will certainly want to buy things that are fashionable. Choosing the right fashion networking sites will also be very important.

The time you want to buy trendy clothes and other accessories you will have to look for the right fashion networking sites. These are the places where you cannot just look for the best stuff but then can also buy them when you want. You might at times feel that you would want to buy stuff which is used or then if it is a little less priced. There are too many options that can be taken into consideration for this. But then the best to opt for these days are the fashion networking sites. The best parts of these are that you can get a lot to look for and that too at cheaper rates.

If you feel that as there are too many accessories and other clothes offered it might just not be worth the money you pay. But then this is absolutely not true. The best part of these fashion networking sites is that you will get clothes which are of the latest trend and fashion too. Apart from just the purchases and other shopping you can also share a lot of your fashion tips there. If you feel that you have too much of a fashion sense then you can also share all your knowledge here just for free.

But whenever you start with your purchases or then sharing your knowledge always check that you have to opt for the best networking sites. Only when they have higher visitors you will be assured of the right products and a good exposure for yourself. If you do not know where to look out for such networking sites then you can take

Nov 15

Fashionable Black Friday winter coats purchase from Dressvenus

Roving in the time of winter with your loved ones is forever a memorable, fun experience. They will get to ski above a long snow track, construct cute, real snowmen as well as throw snowballs at each other. On the other hand, in sort to take pleasure in the most out of your winter tour, women need to wear the woman’s black Friday winter coats from Dressvenus for necessary safety next to the frightening temperature. In any case, what is the utilization of planning these enjoyable activities in the time of winter in case they get sick as of the chilly weather condition? So the role of woman’s winter coat is very important; it completely protects your vulnerable body next to the cold temperature, thus that they still feel tepid inside and take pleasure in the winter activities.

There are many kinds of black Friday winter coats for women available with an excess of brands to select from. One would surely be puzzled to select which type of coat to buy. First, they have to look at the material and thickness of the particular coat. For utmost protection, you can select black Friday winter coats that are prepared from good quality of material. On the other hand, you have to have an inside layer before using the woolen made coat, as wool tends to source your body to be tickly. Over the long time period, it can be painful to wear wool coat of women. Still, the preferred type is woolen made coat, as your body would feel warm no issue what type of winter you are feeling. You normally wear three different types of layers of clothes, with the woolen made coat the farthest layer, and that would make you warm and comfortable wherever you move in the

Nov 14

Tory Burch Handbags Fall Fashion Week Of 2011

Wow, Tory Burch is more talented and beautiful than other fashion designer. The fall 2022 New York Fashion Week handbags, do you see? Tory Burch, a fashion designer in setting up their own brand, goes sweet and elegant lines.
Tory Burch sent her fall 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week runway the day before yesterday .And it was full of traditional fall colors, heavy coat, small floral prints, plaid, an agency of the Cross-sac a small shoulder bag (Tory Burch dean handbags) and two other distinct styles handbag and Tory Burch Fringe Satchel Handbag (Soft leather with polished edge differs from the base. thin silhouette look sophisticated. Rolled leather handles. Zip top. Gold tone is hardware. Gold tone is Tory Burch logo pages. Tan lining and zip pocket phone.).

Two styles of Tory Burch Handbags presented the track were stylish and new fall 2011 as part of a medium-sized, casual, Bag Lady and the portfolio of vintage-inspired.

Tory Burch Handbags Lady might were your best choose, soft leather and gleaming logo and mysterious sign. With the style bags, more elegancy and sexy you will be. At the big fashion stage, showing your allure and style, proud and confident you will be than before. The two tones Bag Lady is paired with a small event loop running skirt and jacket in a silk blouse.

Tory Burch has also created a vintage-inspired event, shown in brown color and black color. The case includes a detachable shoulder strap and top handle, you can use it at your disposal, no matter which way you want, you can change it voluntary. The casual style of case may lends itself to a relaxed working environment and gives you more pleasure feelings. Formal office attire does not marry well with the vintage leather and relaxed

Nov 14

Draw Inspiration From The Post-90s Fashion New Powers

In the fashion industry, youth is half the battle. It’s better to be famous before it’s too late. Today, let’s draw inspiration from some post-90s fashion new powers’ celebrity dresses.

Although Little J, former child actor, is not a leading role in Gossip Girl, she is also eye-catching, especially in her dressing. Her exaggerated smoky eyes and super sexy short dress, silk stockings as well as Punk style are distinctive.

The imitative second-hand T-shirt is the highlight of the outfit. And the punk bracelets have the distinctive style.

The combination of the underwear worn outside, high-heeled shoes and motorcycle jacket looks stylish.

Owning marvelous voice and sweet appearance, Pixie Lott is popular not only in music circles but also in fashion circles. Although rounded Pixie does not have stunning legs, she looks pretty and cute in the mini skirt.

Look at this little black dress, the exaggerated shoulder design draw other’s attention to the shoulders; and the black color beautifies body shape very well.

The empire waist dress can elongate proportion of the body. And the black silk stockings can cover up imperfection of the legs.

The secrecy to wear little black dress wonderfully is the shiny accessories and contrast between fabrics.

Young as she is, Dakota Fanning has remarkable achievements in the movie industry. She is so sweet and innocent. The brief, sexy, short evening dress can set off her youth and vigor very well.

The transparent, shiny shoulders echo to the splendor of the dress. She looks radiant and charming in such a dress.

The nude color adds some sweet, gorgeous touch to the dress. And in such a dress, her nice figure is shown off very well.

Well, if you like any dress clothes in the

Nov 11

Ideas For Fashion Club Activities

Although many schools sponsor organizations for students interested in art, fashion design and merchandising, some students prefer to form informal fashion clubs. Students join these clubs because they are interested in a career in fashion, or simply want to share their love of fashion with others. Fashion clubs attract members by planning a variety of activities.

A fashion club has numerous options to choose from to complete community service. Project ideas include coat drives, collecting used clothing for disaster relief, raising money for a scholarship fund or supporting a famous fashion charity. Of course, service projects do not have to be related to the fashion industry. Recycling, health walks and food drives are also possibilities.

Club members can engage the student body by supporting school events. This may entail attending school athletic events, concerts and plays. See if the club can sell clothing designed by club members at these events to raise money for future club activities. Other students may be more willing to support and join a fashion club if they sense the club is supportive of other student organizations.

After the club has raised some funds, field trips can be discussed. Field trips can range from as close as in the school itself to hundreds of miles away. Set aside one meeting for club members to go to the school library to check out biographies of famous fashion designers. At the next meeting, hold a discussion on the designers. If the club has the necessary funds and the support and permission of the school administration, excursions off campus may be possible. Trip ideas includes jaunts to department stores, movies, restaurants and local fashion shows.

A major activity a fashion club can undertake is providing its members and others with information about the fashion industry. Many fashion clubs even make guest speakers the

Nov 10

Designer Boys Clothing – Kids Also Loves Fashion!

Fashion has evolved through time. Every year, new designs, new styles, new looks and new attitudes have been presented. Fashion, as most see, is mainly directed to the teenagers and the age group above them. But, what we dont see is that even kids these days get conscious about whats trending.

The coming of the New Year has most of those who are interested in fashion anticipating whats in store for them, and for the kids, the fashion industry did not disappoint. When it comes to Boys Designer Clothes- Designer Boys Clothing, one style is surely rampant and it is simplicity. Many designers have incorporated simplicity with many natural elements. This, by far, has created and generated many distinct looks that made this year a refreshing year for the fashion industry, specifically for kids.

Boys Designer Clothes- Designer Boys Clothing even delved in and integrated the warmth and grace of nature into many of this years new looks and styles, adding a little more kick into that attitude. These clothes literally came from nature. From bamboo and cotton fabrics, this years Boys Designer Clothes- Designer Boys Clothing will certainly redefine the fashion industry.

Aside from the natural look, this year will show styles that illustrate the raw and edgy side of the trend. Expect to see Boys Designer Clothes with tattered, worn-out and faded looks. Designers are trying to incorporate this edgy look not only in casual styles but even in formal and dressy ones as well. You can even start to prominently see these looks in many of kids clothing lines.
This year, the avant-garde and even the retro look make a return after taking a break in the previous years. Kids these days have now taken in consideration the
iconic and diverse look off several

Nov 10

Fashion 101- For Tweens!

Fashion refers to the style and customs prevalent at a given time. When it comes to the latest fashions everyone wants to be hip, even kids! Today, its difficult for children to keep up with the latest fashion without looking like the adults. Many of the trends for older teenage girls and boys are trickling down to the tweens ages 9-12, giving them a chance to express their sense of style, be cool and have fun. Tweens can be fashionable too!! Check out whats cool and new for your tween this year starting from the top to the bottom:

With spring closely approaching, new tween trends are stepping right out of your own closet. Girls and boys are both rocking old to new Ts. Graphic T-shirts are still a hip trend that can be matched with almost anything. Pull out your old Ts and make then new by adding accessories or even layering them with a plain long-sleeved T-shirt or thermal in the fall/winter. Even on a chilly day, Ts can go with regular or puffy vests and/or cardigans and hoodies. With many themes and logos to choose from such as Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers for girls to Quiksilver and rocker Ts for the boys, Ts are a trendy necessity for tweens.

When it comes to bottoms, jeans are perfect and they are forever popular. Jeans come in numerous styles, colors, cuts and fits. From skinny to wide-leg to boot cut to low-rise, even the pickiest tween girl or boy will find a style that works for him or her. For girls, were seeing more denims with embroidered pockets, jewels or shiny accents that would be adorable with a matching shirt, accessories and shoes. Wide-leg and regular fit jeans will do for your preppy, skater or just plain

Nov 10

Fashion Marketing Jobs In New York

A fashion marketing job has a huge opening in the city of New York and it includes quite a number of things. It encompasses marketing, retail selling, personal selling and wholesale of fashions goods like clothes, cosmetics, designer accessories and garments. Fashion marketing job provides opening into works of a sales manager, graphic designer, cosmetic representatives, sales representatives, retail sales executive, store manager, account executives, entry level marketing executive and sports wear manager.

In order to be successful in fashion marketing jobs in New York one must hold a formal bachelor or associate degree in fashion studies. In a city like New York, one really has to be smart and must possess a great communication skill teamed up with a charismatic personality.

If you are already bored with your current work which has nothing good to offer to you and is limiting your growth process, then perhaps the marketing jobs in the fashion world are some of the upcoming well paid jobs that would acknowledge your talents and skills to work diligently in this field. A person who has passion for fashion and modern trends is sure to do well in product and retail development of the related marketing jobs as it has many things to offer.

If he or she is skilled then there are lots to learn and extract from this world. Fashion savvy people with good analytical skills are always welcomed in cities like New York. There are many jobs opening for them. If you are a person who feels it strong about fashion merchandising and designing, then you are the perfect person who can offer a commendable service to this world.

Masters in marketing have a very promising career in this field. The normal bachelors are sorted after in this field so naturally the masters will

Nov 09

What Is In Fashion Nowadays

Having a wardrobe full of trendy clothes is a good thing but to compliment those dress women need jewelry. For them, it is mandatory to wear jewelry before going at any party and it should be according to the fashion trends nowadays.

The best way to know which jewelry is in fashion nowadays is to watch the celebrities on the television or internet that create the fashion statement. People follow what they wear and that becomes the trend. On the other hand, if you are very fashion conscious and you have spare time then checkout the different fashion blogs or websites over the internet that guide people on what to wear. Today, different channels show different programs based on fashion to keep people modernized.

Women can always wear expensive jewelry, as it is a symbol of your standard of living. However, large studded diamonds or other stones are not in fashion instead if you are willing to wear real jewelry then go for thin gold necklaces and bracelet. Single diamond or other stones in earrings and rings are the best accessory to go along with them.

Due to security concerns, women cannot wear the real jewelry everywhere. Besides, these days everyone is trying to cut their costs and increase their savings so it is not necessary that you purchase expensive ones whenever you need jewelry. You can find plenty of beautiful designs made up of cheaper material but still give a natural look. This kind of jewelry is inexpensive yet so trendy that you can wear them wherever you want without any worries. For instance, you can wear it when you are shopping, hanging out with friends, small parties etc.

In fact, the cheaper jewelry has diversified so much that people do not feel any shame on wearing inexpensive jewelry.

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